Dreaming Big

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The ability to aspire to become something in life is what a dream is all about. This aspiration is a startup to the many decisions that would have a place in the life of an individual, including designing the lifestyle and pattern the life of the dreamer would go.

Many people dream, but only a few can accomplish their dreams, and this is because of the inability to work on the dreams had. It is not enough to desire to become something or achieve something. A conscious and dedicated approach to proper planning, goal setting, and dedication is essential to enable the startup of any dream.

Dreams are mental pictures of whom a person wishes to turn into and what a person attains or does at a certain period in the future. We often get discouraged times because our dreams do not fit into our present lifestyles or backgrounds. So we try to push the idea of expanding our mental pictures to accommodate big aspirations, with the mindset that dreams don’t always come true.

It is never a crime to dream tall and ambition to have a lifestyle different from the not so flashy one we have; all that is needed is faith and taking bold steps towards making those beautiful and great dreams come true. Once there is a burning desire to start up something that would bring about the fulfillment of a dream, the goal will become a reality soonest.

On the fulfillment of our dreams, specific actions may arise to frustrate our ambitions, band this opposition may come in diverse forms, which include; parental approval, financial stability, societal recognition, marital crisis and issues, health problems, etc. Doubt and fear may rise to defeat the zeal to achieve our dreams; it takes a strong and determined mindset to fulfill a goal even when all odds are pointing against it; you need to be your cheerleader, cheering yourself up because many people, including your friends and family, would see your thought as impossible and unachievable.

. “A dream doesn’t become a reality through magic. It takes sweat, determination, and hard work.

Colin Powell.

Never be scared to have big dreams that are mind-blowing; allow your goal to be bigger than your present situation and overwhelm you. Let your dream affect your lifestyle patterns and transform everything about you. Suppose you have a vision of becoming a president or heading a significant position in the future. In that case, you can start up the process by changing your lifestyle in the aspect of the way you carry yourself, the books you read, the association you keep, the clothes you wear, your conduct and moral values and mode of interaction with others to fit into the life you aspire to have in the future.

Nothing is too big to strive to become and achieve; dreams come true. No goal is worthless, except the dreamer says so, and no one can fulfill your dreams for you but yourself.

“You have to dream before your dream can come true.”

A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

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